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Scotia Band Group Photo
Scotia Band c. 1937
Scotia Band Group Photo
Scotia Band c. 2010 (photo by T. Gonzalves)

Since its formation in 1935 by a group of individuals in The Pacific Lumber Company town of Scotia, California, Scotia Band has continuously served Humboldt County communities. This spirit of dedicated public service enriches all those whose lives are touched. The band symbolizes the ideals and traditions that have made America great. The next time you hear the Scotia Band playing in the park, remember you are listening to a part of America's heritage.

Scotia Band became officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2006. Would you like to donate? Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Click to hear The Scotia Band March by composer Michael McClimon as it was premiered at the Winema Theater in Scotia on 4-24-2010: The Scotia Band March

Mission Statement

The mission of the Scotia Band is to enrich our community by providing high quality traditional and contemporary concert band music and educational experiences.

Vision Statement

Scotia Band ("Band") provides an opportunity for musicians in the community to assemble and play traditional and contemporary band music, and to entertain and educate all those in attendance.

In support of this vision, the Band will:

- Perform concerts as "Humboldt County's Community Band"

- Secure a location for storage and maintenance of music, archives, uniforms, and other physical assets of the Band

- Conduct fundraising necessary to cover budgeted operational expenses necessary for the successful, long-term conduct of Band activities

- Foster relationships with school music departments within our community to promote recruitment for the Band and to support programs in need

- Encourage individual achievement through participation in music, and will promote music education through college scholarship

- Strive to educate the public through performance and instruction the benefits of music on our lives

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